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How to Become a Better English Speaker

How to Become a Better English Speaker

How to Become a Better English Speaker,speaking english,listen to english,

English is not a language of British people but it has acquired the whole world current scenario this is demand to every one whether he /she belong to bus

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    How to Become a Better English Speaker

    How to Become a Better English Speaker
    1. 5
      Practice writing a lot. Spend some time in writing essays, article contributions, blogs, chat posts, etc.
      • If writing such works seems a busy thing, try to write journal in English language.
    2. 6
      Communicate as much as possible in English. You will develop confidence in speaking English if you are comfortable to do so. Communicating in English can boost your confidence.
    3. 7
      Find a friend abroad. There are many possibilities to get to know such individuals online. BUT be careful when talking or getting friends with others in the internet.
    4. 8
      Make use of the dictionary or thesaurus. Have pocket dictionaries. Or if you find it nerdy when you bring dictionary, install dictionary and thesaurus apps on your phone.
    5. 9
      Learn the phonetic notation used in your dictionary. Preferably learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) phonetic notation. The IPA is a set of symbols that represent sounds of letters in English. Be familiar with IPA so that when you don't know the pronunciation of a word, it will be easy for you how to pronounce it.
    6. 10
      Be relaxed and confident when speaking English.
    7. 11
      Don't be shy and don't afraid to you make mistakes. If you are not sure about your English, don't hesitate to ask someone if your English is wrong.
    8. 12
      Strive to build English vocabulary at the highest level. Otherwise, you will remain an average English speaker.
    9. 13
      Listen carefully. Listen whenever English is spoken and in the language arts. This will improve your speaking skills.
    10. 14
      Interact with people in person and in chat rooms. This practice is very beneficial.
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